Bathroom Design Vancouver

Bathroom Design Vancouver A brilliant light-filled penthouse in Vancouver's West Coast boasts 4400 sq ft of luxurious contemporary furnishings and modern architecture. ... Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us... Follow · Tumblr · RSS · Pinterest. Vancouver's Cypress ... The bedroom space is filled with plentiful light and large open spaces from a multipurpose living room, massive master suite with bath, and gourmet kitchen with sun-filled eating area. Each of the main rooms open to a full ... Your bathroom is a place for quiet solitude – your own personal spa, if you will, so you want it to have a comfortable interior design. Yet, remodeling or redecorating a bathroom that is small could be difficult. Thankfully, there ...

Bathroom Design Vancouver Apartment in Vancouver: Furniture DesignThis apartment is so wide. It has living room, lounge room, open kitchen, breakfast nook, three bedrooms, bathroom, and glass wine cellar. The apartment has modern furniture design ... Home Interior Design, Kitchen and Bathroom Designs, Architecture and Decorating Ideas. Apartments ... Talented Canadian designer Robert Bailey has created a beautiful interior penthouse in downtown Vancouver, Kanada.